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Squall fights alone, but finds himself worrying about fellow heroes Bartz and Zidane, and accompanies them and helps them on their quests once he has completed his own.

Squall's "catchphrase" in the English version is "whatever", which he usually uses for want of the current topic to be dropped, often following with changing the subject.

Squall's weapon, the gunblade, is one of the iconic weapons of the Final Fantasy series. Squall idolizes the mythical winged lion Griever, holding it as an ideal of courage and strength, traits he wishes to possess himself.

The lion has come to be his symbol, the same way Rinoa is associated with angel wings.

This difference is due to a misconception of height conversion. There are 12 inches in a foot and if 69.68 inches is divided by 12, the result is 5.80, leading to the false conclusion of 5'8, when in fact there are 12 inches in a foot, not 10 (so .8 of a foot would equate 9.68 inches).

The same error occurs with the other characters' proclaimed height as well.

A teenager with unruly brown hair and light blue eyes, Squall most often wears a black leather bomber jacket with a fur trim collar and a v-neck white shirt, black pants with three interconnecting red belts, and black boots and gloves.

He has a silver stud in his left ear, and wears a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant and a matching ring.

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In the Kingdom Hearts series, Squall changes his name to Leon and his age also changed from being a teenager to an adult as his unruly brown hair is longer.

In the game's North American manual, Squall's height was listed as 173 cm (5'8").

The Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania released seven years later, shows his height as 177 cm (5' 10").

He retains his value of independence, but learns that being the person who thinks differently from the crowd, and being completely alone, are not one and the same.

Dissidia Final Fantasy mirrors Squall's evolution from a loner to the man he is in the ending of Final Fantasy VIII.


  1. VIII Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. A young and aloof SeeD mercenary, others view him as cold and focused until he begins to question.

  2. There's also a smaller, seedier side, where contributors who reach the front page request people send them nude photos, and users comment.

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